Laser X 2

This August 2017, step into the ultimate high-tech game of tag with Laser X, a real-life laser gaming experience brought to you by local toy distributor Camtec Marketing Services.

Available in 2 different packs, the Laser X Single Set (RRP S$ 49.90) contains 1 Laser X Blaster along with 1 Receiver Vest, while the Laser X Double Set (RRP S$ 89.90) includes 2 of each. Each Blaster requires 3 AAA Batteries, not included.

Don on the vest, grab a blaster and get in the game!
Laser X Blasters feature high-tech electronics and optics that give players pinpoint accuracy and allows you to blast your opponents’ Receiver Vests from up to 200 feet away.
The vest is comfortable, easily adjustable and keeps track of hits. Once it reaches 10, the player is eliminated from the game.

All Laser X sets work together so games can have an unlimited number of players or even as few as two.
Players can choose to play in teams and battle together or go “rogue” mode to play as individuals and blast everyone.

Targeted at 6 years & above, Laser X is a realistic game of firefight with advanced sensors in the blasters to detect when players are blasting, being hit, running or hiding.
The power indicator lets you know when to reload while the interactive voice coach keeps you focused on the game by providing tips and tricks throughout.

Players may plug in headphones (not included) into their Receiver Vests and play to Laser X stereo soundtracks.
Great audio combined with full-colour lighting effects and amazing technology provides for a full immersion into the gaming experience.

Play Laser X indoors or outdoors – day or night!

“Typical shooting tag games face issues such as expended rounds going missing after a battle or unclarity if you or your opponents had really taken a hit,” says Ms Jessica Tang, Sales & Marketing Director, Camtec Marketing Services. “The Laser X system lets you have a great time without having to worry about such issues,” she continues.