Cut It Out! – Design Studio


Cut It Out! – Design Studio

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Design Studio is the ultimate crafting set!

Felt-tip markers have a built-in small tool that cuts the paper so you can get out your decoration in perfect condition in 3D or 2D. You can cut and paint with the pen at the same time, but also, of course, to use the pen to paint with no holder.

Design studio comes complete with 4 cut it out markers in different colours, a holder for markers, design paper, glue sticks, studio cutting board with storage space as well as a guide with instructions. Cut out a fun pair of sunglasses, make ribbons or flags, or follow the design guide to learn how to make dozens of different crafts. Get creative!

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What’s Inside
4 Cut It Out! Markers, 1 Easy Cut Holder, Plastic Design Studio with storage, Project Sheets, Design Guide, and various other components.

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