Guppets – Sports Park Playset


Guppets – Sports Park Playset

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Guppets are colourful sea creatures who live in peace and tranquillity in the beautiful Deep Pearl Bay. Guppets are shy by nature and have been seen only a very few times by humans. Led by the naturally curious Bubbly a group of young Guppet friends decide to set off on the adventure of a lifetime to see whether tales of the outside world are true. The Guppets range initially features six bright, colourful and cute characters to collect as well as a range of fully connectable play environments. For ages 3 and up.

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What’s Inside
Working activity wheel, treasure chest with hidden treadmill and mirror & connectivity with playgrounds.

About Taison Toys
Formed in late 2013, Taison may be a new name in the toy industry but has a very rich history. The next natural step for TS Toys is to develop and innovate new products, brands and intellectual properties under the Taison name but still preserving the same principle behind TS Toys and nurture its longstanding tradition of creating engaging quality toys that will appeal to all ages.


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