Roblox – Legends of Roblox

Roblox – Legends of Roblox


Assemble the Legends of Roblox! This set includes six of the greatest Roblox game creators of all time. Litozinnamon Armed with his Bluster Buster, this StyLiS Studios developer is combat-ready. He helped create Phantom Forces. Gusmanak an elite developer who designed Apocalypse Rising. He is equipped with the legendary Dominus Aureus. Merely A famed developer who created Trade Hangout. He owns almost any rare or limited item you can imagine. TheGamer101 When he and his brother aren’t scripting on Roblox, they’re improving their ninja skills in Sword Fighting Tournament. Seranok Long-time Roblox developer and brother of Merely, his work on Catalog Heaven is widely acclaimed. Loleris Some say he’s a madman, but he just makes Mad Games. He also built Darkness and Intense Sword Fighting.

Bring the immersive world of Roblox to life with the Roblox Legends of Roblox Figure Pack. Join six of your favorite Roblox developers – Litozinnamon, Gusmanak, Merely, TheGamer101, Seranok and Loleris – and recreate all of your favorite games and adventures with help from the included accessories. Whether you’re seeking to stockpile storied weapons and armor or planning to dedicate your time to refining your swordsmanship, these figures will make it feel like you’re always in the company of legends.

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What’s Inside
6 Figure, unique accessories and an exclusive code for virtual gameplay.

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