Smithsonian Science Kits – Robo Spider

Smithsonian Science Kits – Robo Spider


Build your own Robo Spider with this robot kit from Smithsonian. The motorized, battery-operated Robo Spider has eight multi-jointed legs that mimic the walking movement of real spiders. With adult supervision, this kit provides a rewarding introduction to robots, gears, and models for younger learners. The kit includes all the components of the Robo Spider and a 23 x 17″ color poster with illustrated instructions on one side and a large photo of a spider in a spider web, plus facts about arachnids on the other side. You supply adult supervision, scissors, wire cutters, a screwdriver, and one AA battery.

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What’s Inside
1 gear box with on/off switch assembly, 2 battery terminals, 1 tube, 1 battery cover, 64 plastic robot spider parts, 23 x 17″ color poster with illustrated instructions. Battery (Not included)

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