Clementoni – Action & Reaction Crossroads + Accessories (Refill)

Clementoni – Action & Reaction Crossroads + Accessories (Refill)


  • A fantastic kit compatible with the entire Action and Reaction range to create even more astonishing circuits and embark on breathtaking challenges
  • With the fork, you can split your tracks, change the direction of the balls and challenge the force of gravity Track, platforms, junctions, crossroads and balls are included.
  • A perfect game to experiment with the basics of physics in an engaging and truly creative way The manual included guides the child step-by-step through endless fun
  • Made in Italy.

Age 8+


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About Clementoni
Clementoni is an all-Italian games reality, still run by its founding family, whose company philosophy and mission have remained practically unaltered over the years. The games are translated into 16 different languages and distributed in 56 countries. Clementoni has always been dedicated to research and innovation, indeed, all of its games and technologies are developed with the assistance and advice of experts, technicians, psychologists and educationalists from all over the world.


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