Clementoni – Action & Reaction

Clementoni – Action & Reaction


Light up your imagination and have fun triggering incredible chain reactions!

With this truly unique scientific kit, finding out about the wonders of physics becomes easy and great fun!
A science lab packed with special pieces and accessories offering lots of playing options where kids can experiment with gravity, forces and levers.
It comes with some scales, a hammer pendulum, slides, towers and lots of other pieces for kids to grow in knowledge as they build ingenious compositions.

Age 8+


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About Clementoni
Clementoni is an all-Italian games reality, still run by its founding family, whose company philosophy and mission have remained practically unaltered over the years. The games are translated into 16 different languages and distributed in 56 countries. Clementoni has always been dedicated to research and innovation, indeed, all of its games and technologies are developed with the assistance and advice of experts, technicians, psychologists and educationalists from all over the world.


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