Clementoni – Coko Crocodile Programmable Robot

Clementoni – Coko Crocodile Programmable Robot


An adorable programmable crocodile to help children take their first steps in the world of programming! With 15 directional pieces to position on the back of the crocodile to create motion sequences, such as moving or rotating. Coko will have fun for children with its fun sound effects. It can be programmed to sleep, swim and run! Coko is able to recognize magnetic “food” and react when approaching him. With Coko, children will learn the basic concepts of programming and discover educational robotics in a fun way, thus developing their ability to understand the cause-to-effect relationship. It stimulates the development of spatial orientation and logical thinking in the child.

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About Clementoni
Clementoni is an all-Italian games reality, still run by its founding family, whose company philosophy and mission have remained practically unaltered over the years. The games are translated in 16 different languages and distributed in 56 countries. Clementoni has always been dedicated to research and innovation, indeed, all of its games and technologies are developed with the assistance and advice of experts, technicians, psychologists and educationalists from all over the world.


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