Discovery Mindblown – Slime-O-Rama (DIY Experiment Set)

Discovery Mindblown – Slime-O-Rama (DIY Experiment Set)


Create your own slime with this exciting kit from Discovery Mindblown!

  • The Discovery Mindblown Slime-O-Rama DIY Experiment Set includes everything needed to create your own slime right at home just add water!
  • Kids and adults alike will enjoy creating stretchy, squishy, easy-to-make slime!
  • Includes supplies for two types of slime Mix up two different types of slime: sticky slippery slime and doughy slime!
  • Customise with the blue dye or use your own food colouring from home. Once you have mastered this kit, you’ll be ready for more!
  • Store your slime for play later! Use an airtight container or bag to store the slime for later! With proper storage, you can reuse your slime over and over. (Store on the refrigerator for optimal shelf life).
  • Package Includes: Cornstarch Guar gum Blue food colouring Small measuring cup Large measuring cup 2x Wood mixing sticks Mixing bowl
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About Discovery Mindblown
Discovery Mindblown inspires you to question what you know and ask the big questions about the world around us. They’re here to show you just how awesome science and other stem topics can be… because being smart is cool.

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