Engino Academy of STEAM – Solar Plane

Engino Academy of STEAM – Solar Plane


Learning outcome: Our Sun provides so much energy to our planet that if we were to harness it efficiently all pollution and global warming problems would have been solved! Scientists invented the “photovoltaic” panels which can convert sunlight to electricity and can power up our machines with free and clean energy.

Experiment Method Description: Test how the area of a solar panel affects its overall efficiency. Observe the number of rotations in one minute when the solar panel is exposed under direct sunlight. Partially cover the panel’s surface and measure once again the number of rotations. Prove that the produced electricity increases when the collecting area of a panel gets larger.

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What’s Inside
Solar blade, Engino parts, plastic skins and paper outlines, adhesive tape, piece of carton, sunlight.

The ENGINO TOY SYSTEM was developed by a group of engineers and teachers for helping pupils build technical models easily and creatively so that they could spend more time experimenting and learning about technology. Research grants from local and E.U. funds helped materialize the 3-year research to an innovative product, launched internationally in 2007. Since then, the company has developed more snap-fit components such as gears, pulleys and motors, and a series of activity books that help children interact with technology and “learn by doing”. The major advantage of the ENGINO system is that it enables children to build fast and easy, simple or complex models, using a very low number of different components and a much lower quantity of parts. Visit www.engino.com for more information.


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