Engino STEM Heroes – Sea Exploration

Engino STEM Heroes – Sea Exploration


Sea Exploration set from STEM Heroes collection includes:

– 296 sturdy plastic parts made from ABS, TPE and NYLON for building five big ship models: a catamaran, a private yacht, the Titanic, a submarine and a super luxury yacht!

– 3D online building instructions. You can find them also in the free Engino kidCAD App for Android & iOs! Printed instructions for two of the bigger models are included in the box.

– book of 44 pages, to learn amazing facts about history of sea exploration, boats, nautical travelling, tools of navigation and principles of floating.

– Quiz and online Experiments to uncover the marvels of buoyancy, floating and water pressure!

UNDERWATER SCIENCE: Learn how submarines use simple physics to submerse into deep waters or float on the surface!

ABOVE SEA SURFACE: What tools of navigation do you need for extensive oversea voyages? Do you know how a compass works, how maps are designed or even how celestial navigation plays a key role for sailors? Meet the most famous explorers: Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan and James Cook and their worldwide stories!

HANDS-ON ENTERTAINMENT: Whether building the big model of Titanic, sailing along the floor with the catamaran, rolling in the deep of the bathtub with the submarine, or reading the amazing sea exploration facts in the STEM booklet, fun is there! Young ones like to discover the world and to pretend they are underwater. Driving boats and being creative while building ships, builds also dreams. This STEM set brings hours of joy and entertainment to kids while enhancing their knowledge and creativity!

No Shortcuts when it comes to Quality and Safety on our products: We strive to follow the strictest safety and quality standards, ensuring that children will just enjoy their fun pathway to success!


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The ENGINO TOY SYSTEM was developed by a group of engineers and teachers for helping pupils build technical models easily and creatively, so that they could spend more time in experimenting and learning about technology. Research grands from local and E.U. funds helped materialize the 3-year research to an innovative product, launched internationally in 2007. Since then, the company has developed more snap-fit components such as gears, pulleys and motors, and a series of activity books that help children interact with technology and “learn by doing”. The major advantage of ENGINO system is that it enables children to build fast and easy, simple or complex models, using a very low number of different components and a much lower quantity of parts. Visit www.engino.com for more information.


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