Mallo – Creamy Mallo Pretend Cupcake Set


Mallo – Creamy Mallo Pretend Cupcake Set

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Create and decorate a mermaid and a unicorn cupcake with Creamy Mallo.

Creamy Mallo is a soft, weightless, non-sticky formula that is super gooey, silky and very pliable dough. It is completely non-toxic and sticks well to most surfaces without staining, making it perfect for 3D decorating!

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What’s Inside
2 Foam bases, 1 Jewel sticker set, 1 Glitter sprinkles, 1 Modelling tool, 2 35ml Creamy Mallo tubes, 2 14g Silky Mallo tubs, 1 Mini Silky Mallo tub & 1 Sequined mermaid tail.

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