So Slime DIY – Tie-Dye Slime Kit – 3-Pack

So Slime DIY – Tie-Dye Slime Kit – 3-Pack


Make your slime with a Tie-Dye effect with all the accessories included.

To create your Tie Dye slime, simply place your slime in the Slime container, draw thin lines in the slime with your tool and pour the scented colourant into the lines. Use the tool to fold up your slime and wedge the colourants inside. Add glitter, then stretch your slime to discover the Tie Dye effect!

The product contains 3 Clear Slimes, 3 Scented Colorants (yellow with a vanilla scent, pink with a strawberry scent and turquoise with a pineapple scent), 1 Tool and 3 Bags of decoration (turquoise, pink and silver).

Recommended Age: 6 years +


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What’s Inside
1 Transparent Slime, 2 Scented Colourants, 1 Tool, 1 Rack & 1 Decorations Bag.

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Additional information

Weight0.73 kg
Dimensions25 x 6 x 25 cm


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