Ty Mini Boos (Series 3)

Ty Mini Boos (Series 3)


Ty Mini Boos Collectibles are small, hand-painted figurines. There are 13 Mini Boos in Series 3.
The Mini Boos are sold individually in boxes that conceal the contents.

There is a Mini Boos checklist included in every box. The checklist refers to 12 Mini Boos plus a “Rare Mystery Chaser”.
The “Mystery Chaser” is produced in fewer numbers than the rest of the Mini Boos and is more difficult to find.

This product comes in 13 assortments. There is no option available online to request for a specific style. Orders will be picked randomly. Each sold separately.

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What’s Inside
1 x Mini Boos figurine and 1 x Checklist.

About TY Inc

TY Inc. is the largest plush manufacturer in the world. They make Beanie Boos, Teeny Tys, Peek-A-Boos, Secret Life Of Pets, My Little Pony, Disney, Peppa Pig and more. Visit www.world.ty.com for more information.


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