Roblox is a new line of collectibles produced by US toy manufacturer Jazwares based on the popular block building universe videogame.

Online, it is a social gaming platform that allows kids and teens to create their own virtual worlds and design games within the platform.

With a growing user base, Roblox has recently hit more than 44 million monthly active players who have collectively put more than 300million hours into the game.

The toy line features a cast of characters in the form of action figures and playsets inspired by the characters and experiences from the game.

The Roblox Mystery Figures are blind boxes that contain one of the 40 characters from Series 1 along with an accessory that you can mix and match. Some characters are rarer than the others!

If you are not keen on surprises, you can get the 6 main characters from the individual figure packs.

Expand your Roblox world with the assorted themed Game packs that each include 2 figures and their respective accessories. Choose from the Pizza Place or High School theme.

As the catastrophic Korblox war against Redcliff Kingdom continues to rage on, gather your forces to prepare for battle with the Champions of Roblox set!

The set lets you recreate epic battle scenes with 6 popular Roblox protagonists – Korblox Deathspeaker, Korblox Mage, Korblox General, The Overseer, Redcliff Elite Commander and Alar Knight of Splintered Skies.

These mighty heroes are a must-have to complete your Roblox collection.

Each collectible has mix and match-able parts for you to build your very own character and includes a redeemable code to unlock exclusive virtual items online. A few lucky winners may also receive a second code for a chaser which is a very rare virtual item!

Roblox is targeted at kids aged 6 years and above. It retails from S$ 9.90 to S$ 49.90 and will be available from mid-July onwards.