Spider-Drone – Official Movie Edition

Spider-Drone by Skyrocket Toys from the blockbuster film Spider-Man: Homecoming will arrive this July 2017!

Everyone’s favourite web-slinger is back sporting the new high-tech gadget, which is sure to turn heads with its striking and distinctive design.

This Official Movie Edition Spider-Drone is a functional replica of Spidey’s eight-legged surveillance drone, comprising of amazing features alongside the Spider-Man-themed controller that sets flight sensitivity and flight modes – Auto or Manual.

Flight Assist features such as Auto Launch and Auto Land are great for beginners, presenting a quick deployment into the air complete with auto hovering as well as a steady landing.

Experienced pilots can also switch to Manual Mode and tune to level 3 sensitivity to have full control of their Spider-Drone.

You can also fly the drone using the Voice Feedback Controller which offers verbal flight assistance with phrases straight from the movie – an interesting feature exclusive to the Spider-Drone.

Spider-Drone performs even in a poorly lit environment as it has front and rear LED lights that cut through low-light situations.

Complete the experience by downloading the free Spider-Drone app, which hosts a flight manual,

Spider-Drone is targeted at kids aged 12 years and above. It will retail at S$199.90 each and will be available at all leading department stores.